We cultivate respect and passion for Human Relationships For culture For our heritage And for Sophistication



Founded on the principles of innovation, detailing and craftsmanship, we work alongside the best architects to deliver bespoke designs that enhance our living conditions for each of our developments. From floor plan design to construction material and techniques; we dedicate a great deal of research into improving the Live ability of the spaces we sell.
We believe design solutions are the result of a comprehensive program that addresses conflicting elements: aesthetics, cost, durability and environmental responsibility. We aim to raise the bar in introducing innovative architectural schemes that fit our location climate and target niche needs and desires.

To continuously lead the market into new dimensions with premium developments for vibrant communities.

To raise the bar throughout all development stages and
retain the leadership position in the Egyptian market while providing valuable investments that yield the highest ROI for stakeholders.

is our integrity and building your life is our calling.

we chose to be different

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STARLIGHT DEVELOPMENTS Joint Stock Company is a leading
Egyptian real estate developer specialised in building ‘boutique’
developments for selective communities that value the highest of living standards.


Over the years the KATAMEYA brand has become an icon in Egyptian real estate, serving as a highly esteemed role model for many developers in the nation.
Building on the Katameya Brand heritage — a real estate icon in Egypt — we primarily focus on maintaining this position by expanding in prime destinations of Egypt with upscale residential, mixed-use and resort projects that stand out amongst luxury-seekers. The brand is distinguished for its achievements in introducing unmatched standards of living. Providing our communities with top-of-the-line residential projects complete with the finest facilities conceivable.
Our experience as well as our commitment to quality has enabled us to stand out amidst such an overwhelming market. Our team works harder every day to maintain such calibres ensuring our vision for higher and more sustainable living standard is achieved.

“With Starlight Developments, you become part of something much greater than just prime real estate. We believe in bringing people together to paint the greatest picture of what community living is all about Surpassing every expectation of quality in all aspects is the light we choose to follow, and we do it for our love and passion in building the right homes for the people that care.
The highest of standards is what we seek for our communities, devoting all our efforts into finding the perfect locations to build on and implement new and innovative techniques for sustainable and functional designs, ultimately ensuring an increasing property value.
Starlight Developments is the embodiment of the true principles of real estate development and how it should be approached. Our Katameya brand has been a worthy ambassador to such values as we keep striving to maintain this honorable distinction within the market.”



The brains behind STARLIGHT DEVELOPMENTS have partnered up once
more with the world’s very best to carry on this great legacy and introduce
the latest residential project KATAMEYA CREEKS.